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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Metro hard at work

The surplus governmental layer known as Metro does so many good things for the Portland area. Here's one program you just can't live without.

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Can you say "desecration?" I knew you could.

Having been a huge fan of Lone Fir since 1976 I just want to say it's last great decline began with it's management by Metro in the 1980's.

Is Burkholder still there? Looks like something he would sponsor.

Just when the dead thought they could finally have some peace and quiet, the mandarins of Metro arrive and disturb the reverie.

What is WRONG with these people? Do they really have so little to do?

An organic edible art exhibit in a cemetary sponsored by our "unique" regional government. One second I can believe it, then next I can't. How amazingly stupid.

"Do they really have so little to do?"

You'd be surprised how much you can find to do when you get $800M/yr in tax money.

Well, it's nice to know that two upstanding Portland hipsters won't have to take money out of their parents' 401(k) to pay for this.

A boat made out of salt....that is certainly environmentally friendly (NOT) for any grass or other vegetation. What morons!

I know what any zombie interred at Lone Fir will probably be thinking when this exhibit happens...


I am normally appalled at vandalism in cemetaries. Oh, wait... this is vandalism. I hope it rains.

There are so many clicks there, and at other agencies, which leads one to tasks and bureaucrats that could be cut.

Any random clicks on a google of goverment leads to a mountain of mission creep.

Try the Port of Portland.

You can go to the reception at Lone Fir after telling Metro what you think about their Community Investment Strategy; but you must hurry because the window for comment, described in the e-announcement sent on Monday, closes today:

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