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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Merritt Paulson's Lents legacy

It's anger and suspicion. And this is just the beginning. Wait five years and see how everybody feels about his soccer stadium deal.

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Right. Just like we were assured that adding the option for fake turf in the big city-wide Parks plan was safe, because it was only going to be used in a couple of rare, specialty use locations, none of which would impact general public use greenspaces like neighborhood or regional parks. Right. Sure. Did it take them three months to make a lie out of that promise? Or was it four?

And yet the people's outrage does not extend to the ballot. The five-member commission form of government seems to have isolated those elected from responsibility for their actions: they are elected again and again until they decide they can make more money elsewhere.

Gardiner you can only beat your head against the brick wall for so long. I spent a few years on the neighborhood asc in my area and it was wasted time. People walk away in disgust and never return because the political players just beat you down.

Ho boy. Shades of the city's shoving their vision of Gabriel Park down the surrounding areas throats in the 90s. Good luck, Lents.

As Lents seems quite content with the park now, this looks like an excellent place for the city to actually stop spending money.

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