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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mapes calls Gatsby Wyden out for his big bucks

The Republican senator from New York sure has done well on a public servant's salary. Even the O is catching on.

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If you feel you have to marry...it should be for the money. The other way doesn't work 70% of the time.

Maybe if he ran as an independent he'd get less flack from progressives.

I don't even like Wyden, but gimme a break he married a rich gal and signed a pre-nup. Find another reason to call him names.

What a tabloid.

But his TV campaign ads make him out to be a big anti-rich maverick.... ahahahahahahahha

Jack, can you name anything besides resigning or killing himself that you'd regard as positive about Wyden? You're on his case to the point of obsession. Puh-leeze...

"can you name anything besides resigning or killing himself that you'd regard as positive about Wyden?"

No, but can you? I mean specifically for Oregon?

One good thing I can say about Ron Wyden is that this will probably be his last term. Wrong on the health care public option, wrong on taxes, and a classic case of someone who's lived too far away from his constituents for too long. The Senate has turned into a bunch of rogues, and Ron's mug is right out in the front of that pack.

The Democrats have had 60 votes in the Senate, the House, and the White House for a year and change, and what have they done with them? Hardly a thing. Like Obama, Wyden's good for court appointments, but on so many other issues, he whines and then votes like a Republican in blue clothes.

But alas, if you're an Oregonian anywhere to the left of, say, Sarah Palin, Gatsby's your only choice for that particular seat.

Don are those options
And who do you work for?
Point of obsession? He doesn't even blog about him once a month! Puh-leeze...

Seems to me that Ron Wyden has assumed the missionary position. Remember that old saw, “The missionaries came to do good, and did well.”

The "Republican Senator from New York"? I don't quibble that he's from New York, since his wife and family live there and that's where he spends his non-D.C. time. But he's a DEMOCRAT. Don't tar him with the GOP label.

Don't tar him with the GOP label.

Wyden did that to himself. Jack's just the messenger here, dante.

Senator Wyden does have his moments, but I will be a senior citizen before he makes a difference in my life.

This is not a forthright way to promote Huffman. If that were your objective you could say so.

Well, it's not. I'm not voting for a Republican. Either Huffman or Wyden.

he married a rich gal and signed a pre-nup.

That would be an interesting document to see. It might shed more light on how set Ron is than all the official disclosure forms he files.

One Beltway insider noted that Feingold's current carpool is the senator's third in the past five years.

"I was carpooling with Russ in '98," Ron Wyden (D-OR) said. "Everyone else wanted to have a nice relaxing ride in, but Feingold would start up on campaign finance reform the second his seatbelt clicked. That guy would not shut *up* for a second."

I especially like Wyden's black and white photos when he "founded Oregon Gray Panthers"...He hardly resembles the consummate insider he has become.

But he's a MAVERICKY insider.

Some of those Gray Panthers that put him in may not be around anymore. A blessing for them to not have to see what he has turned into.
Easier for him for he doesn't have to be accountable to them.

All I have to say is that with a headline mentioning "calling out" I was expecting something a bit more meaty in the Mapes column. "Mapes mentions Wyden's wife's big bucks" might have been more accurate.

For anyone at the tone-deaf O to point this out is big news.

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