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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Manzanita corpses are from Laurelhurst

Now that the Kyron hoopla has died down, maybe we can obsess about this one for a while.

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Kyron hoopla died down? I'm half expecting his parents to start selling ad space on their foreheads. Who will be first, car dealers or mattress sellers?

Interesting. I was in Manzanita for the last couple of days. Whatever was going on was pretty low keyed. I overheard something at dinner Friday night about a crime in the area but that was it.

Kyron hoopla died down?

Yeah, there's pretty much nothing left to talk about. It's Psycho Stepmom against Mike Schrunk, and Stepmom's ahead on points. Been that way for three months or more. Looks like whoever did whatever is getting away with it.

I know the parents have to publicly act like they still expect Kyron to come home, but it's achingly sad to see them buying school supplies, signing him up for soccer, and having a birthday party.

On the other hand, how unbelievably hard it must be to realize it's time to let go. If it were my kid, how long would it take me?

I saw an interview with John Walsh, and he said that in order to find him...or find out what happened to him...it is important for the parents to keep his name in the media. It is important for them to stick to the hope/idea/thought he will come home and to move forward as if he will. While it may be difficult for you all to see and hear...imagine the difficulty for Kyron's parents and family.

Shrunk is a stoneless wonder that would rather do nothing than dig deep and try to win a case like this. But then I have never thought that Shrunk ever gave a damned about Justice (like a lot of lawyers, he cares about his ego and his personal agenda).

The Kyron hoopla is about to go on The Oprah Winfrey Show later this week.

The news tonight called it a murder-suicide. I believe there isn't much to obsess about. Tune in for more Kyron.

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