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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be...

... transit planners.

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I don't see a bike dammit!!

Oops. There it is. Jeez, for a minute there...


Great now Metro will start a Transit Lego school program.

none: look at the bus stop just above the left side of the streetcar; there's a green bike there.

My son actually wants this set. In all fairness to Lego, they also have a "city block" set that prominently features a pizza shop, bicycle shop and a BUS...they have an airport/airplane theme, and lots and lots of cars. This is actually to the best of my knowledge the first time they have created any type of a trolley/tram/streetcar/light rail train...and it is actually on rubber wheels and does not work with the Lego Train sets or track. I guess that makes it "bus rapid transit" and I'm sure there will be dozens of Portlanders who will stage full-on protests at Legoland to demand light rail be a mandatory part of all city themed sets.

Lego did put out a wind turbine set last year...but it's kind of hard to make a Lego nuclear power plant, or a hydroelectric dam...and natural gas plants aren't cool.

Seems they are missing the thugs who use mass transit for their "rolling" crime wave.

Wow--loving that girl with the long hair. I've never seen long wavy hair on a Lego person, and we've got hundreds of them underfoot at our house. But the guy with the hoody--he's a little scary. Maybe he's the requisite panhandler.

But a real Portland planner wouldn't have included a car.

Hey, that bus shelter actually looks like the new TriMet shelters downtown.

I hope the city sweeper truck runs on $5.99 a gallon bio-diesel, and that the repair shop building is LEED certified.

Is that an itty-bitty Lego "Out of Order" sign I see on the ticket vending machine?

The one thing you don't see in the LEGO™ sets, and also don't see on the transit systems of Portland: Transit Police or any form of fare enforcement turnstiles.

Now all you need is a two-car locomotive that doesn't run 30% of the time, and extra buses to do their job for them at a small fraction of the price, and we're getting pretty accurate.

LEGO makes plenty of police themed sets, currently they have a police motorcycle, car, helicopter, command center truck, police station (complete with jail)... They've historically had police boats and last year had an extensive Coast Guard series that have been discontinued and replaced with a fire department series.

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