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Monday, September 13, 2010

Look who's back

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Blazersedge along with their blind wishful thinking on Oden has a nice interview with a consultant, Jeff Ma, of the Portland Trailbazers. According to Ma,

"Yes. A very big preference actually. If people that use analytics to predict player performance in the NBA, using performance analytics, meaning what they did in college, and they tell you they had Oden ranked higher than Durant, they are full of crap. There are very few statistical measures that would have rated Oden's numbers in college better than Durant's. Oden was injured his entire career, that one season at Ohio State. He had to shoot free throws left handed, was not efficient, didn't have a great statistical season...If you had polled NBA executives and even statheads at that time, who they should pick, I think at least 2/3 of them would have said Oden."

Source: http://www.blazersedge.com/2010/9/10/1680812/interview-blackjack-king-and#storyjump

So basically, if you take into account Oden having a ligament injury during his first year in college, and had to undergo microfracture surgery on his right knee before his first season on September 14, 2007, you are only left to wonder why Oden was so highly desired by 2/3s of NBA execs when his whole basketball career from high school on has been a tale of injuries?

I think we give Pritchard too much credit, while his advisors and other experts in the Portland Trailblazers deserve more credit. Pritchard as GM was in a position like all managers are to take credit for the work of those below them.

Who is this "Greg Oden" you speak of?

All I have to say is that when the Blazers drafted this guy, I said he'd be another Sam Bowie and he's only been a bit better.

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