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Friday, September 3, 2010

I hear the voice of rage and ruin

There's a bad moon on the rise.

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Many years ago when I was young, felt invincible, had a couple of drinks when living outside of Philomath Oregon while driving down Decker Road. I saw two state troopers parked having a powwow. It was just a few days after an Oregon Supreme Court ruling that giving the finger to a policeman was a constitutional right under the free speech clause. I had my old pickup, was wearing my overalls and feeling pretty chipper. I honked my horn and gave the boys in blue the finger. I guess I imagined myself as a Burt Reynolds type of macho man. About thirty seconds later they were both after me with their blinking red and blue. They were both cordial and asked me for my driver’s license, insurance certificate and proceeded to tell me that giving them the finger was well within my constitutional rights. They said that they had probable cause pulling me over as folks that give police the finger may be intoxicated. They then had me show them my brake lights, blinkers, windshield wipers, horn and brakes worked. They were again very polite and let reiterated that I was within my constitutional rights giving them the finger. I know that they could smell alcohol on my breath. They then said have a good day and let me drive on. I was so grateful that they cut me slack for being so stupid. I doubt that I would have flunked a breathalyzer test, but it would have been a real hassle being hauled in and having my truck towed. I have the utmost respect for any policeman and always give to any widows and orphans charity or what ever cause the police have.

One time I was supposed to meet some co-workers at the Virginia Cafe - this was during the lawless decade of the 80s.
Only a couple of us made it and drank ourselves broke waiting for the others. We did the logical thing and returned to the Spot Tavern where for some reason - known but to God - they would allow us to cash checks.
We returned only to find a packed Virginia Cafe, now with a line to get in. It was December and we were literally left out in the cold.
Adding to our dismay was the sight of the girls we were supposed to meet happily partying with our other co-workers and laughing at us through the window from the bar.
At this point I mooned the Virginia Cafe.
So I am in no position to judge this young man, except to say young drunk people should use better judgement than to moon a cop - I don't care how wasted you are. That's my message: Moon responsibly, and if you can't drink and moon at the same time, I suggest a designated mooner.

Thats a good read John B.

Hmmmm - personal past experiences - streaking yes (shown on NBC Nightly News in the mid-70s (not getting into those particulars)) - mooning never

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