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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here are the Week 1 underdog picks

The players in our charity pro football underdog pool have spoken, and here are their picks for this weekend's games:

7 CAROLINA at New York Giants - Bob, Paul, Flowers by Dorcas, Doug
6.5 DETROIT at Chicago - Anthony, Larry Legend, Rich M., genop's gal, Eric
6 OAKLAND at Tennessee - Biggest Cubs Loser, genop
5 MINNESOTA at New Orleans (Thursday, and the underdog did not prevail) - Matt, PJB, Michael K., Drewbob, Ricardo, Gary, Ed
4.5 KANSAS CITY vs. San Diego - Annie
4 CINCINNATI at New England - Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Jim, Bad Brad
4 ST. LOUIS vs. Arizona - Maker's Mark, Hank
3.5 WASHINGTON vs. Dallas - Andy
3 SEATTLE vs. San Francisco - pdxmick
3 CLEVELAND at Tampa Bay - Gordon
2.5 BALTIMORE at New York Jets - Broadway Joe, Nick, john dull, AKevin
2.5 PITTSBURGH vs. Atlanta - Sattelihu, Umpire
2.5 DENVER at Jacksonville - Conrad

Nobody chose Philadelphia, Buffalo, or Houston.

Good luck to everybody with a 'dog in the hunt today, tonight, or tomorrow.

Comments (3)

Congrats to:

Andy (3.5)
pdxmick (3)
Sattelihu, Umpire (2.5)

Here's to Broadway Joe, Nick, john dull, and me picking up a nice 2.5 tonight to create a fairly meaningless logjam in third place - or possibly 4th if Annie picked a winner.

Who is "Biggest Cubs Loser" because I'm guessing you're probably - like me - a Bears fan too, which means we stole one "by the rules" yesterday! In the process making some sad pandas out of Anthony, Larry Legend, Rich M., genop's gal, and Eric.

Once upon a midnight dreary ... quoth the raven "UNDERDOG!"

Not only did that asinine rule costs me points in this here Underdog Pool, but I also have Calvin Johnson on my fantasy team, so it was a double whammy.

Thank you, Ravens.... my faith was justified. And any points is better than no points. I just gotta keep listening to my little voice.

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