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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good 'dog, Bears

Da Bearss did it again, ending the third week of our charity pro football underdog game on a high note for one player, pdxmick. With his 3-point pickup, the standings settle in as set out below. Gary, who scored big in Week 2, has moved right into the lead with two top wins; Sattelihu is the only player with three winning picks in a row.

This week's game lines will be posted sometime later today.

Gary - 14
Gordon - 12.5
genop - 11
Anthony - 8.5
Biggest Cubs Loser - 8
Broadway Joe - 8
Nick - 8
Sattelihu - 7.5
Flowers by Dorcas - 7
john dull - 6.5
pdxmick - 6
AKevin - 5.5
Drewbob - 5.5
Hank - 5.5
Larry Legend - 5.5
Matt - 5.5
Michael K. - 5.5
PJB - 5.5
Annie - 4.5
Flowers by Dorcas Husband - 4
Jim - 4
Andy - 3.5
Umpire - 2.5
Bad Brad - 0
Bob - 0
Conrad - 0
Doug - 0
Eric - 0
genop's gal - 0
Mike G. - 0
Paul - 0
Ricardo - 0

Comments (3)

This week looks especially tough for underdogs, other than those 1pt. games.

Say what you want about Jay Cutler but he took a helmet to the jaw last night, rolled around for a while, then got up and kept playing. That was a great game last night.
Yes, the Packers had too many penalties but I didn't feel the refs screwed them. Those penalties were mostly related to tough football hits or dealing with Julius Peppers.
Frankly, watching that game and the shots of downtown Chicago made me proud.

Daaaaaaa Bearssss!

"Sattelihu is the only player with three winning picks in a row" ... and is still in 8th place. Thus, the debate rages between picking a small dog or a big dog. Add that to the debate between picking on intuition and analysis, and you've got a lot of people who are still just guessing!

The winning strategy? Pick a handle that alphabetically will put you ahead of everyone else with the same amount of points.

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