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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gone to the 'dogs

We're up to 32 players in our charity pro football underdog pool, and their picks for the week are all in. They're presently posted on our left sidebar, and for the "permanent record," here they are. Good luck, everybody:

13.5 BUFFALO at Green Bay - Doug, Andy
8.5 JACKSONVILLE at San Diego - Bob, AKevin, Drewbob
8.5 CHICAGO at Dallas - Anthony, Gordon, Gary
7 ARIZONA at Atlanta - pdxmick, Paul
5.5 PITTSBURGH at Tennessee - Nick, Matt, Larry Legend, Flowers by Dorcas, Biggest Cubs Loser, genop
5.5 NEW YORK GIANTS at Indianapolis - Flowers by Dorcas Husband, Annie, Bad Brad, john dull, Mike G.
4.5 SAN FRANCISCO vs. New Orleans - genop's gal, Jim, Conrad
4 ST. LOUIS at Oakland - Ricardo, Eric, PJB
3.5 SEATTLE at Denver - Umpire, Michael K.
2.5 WASHINGTON vs. Houston - Hank, Broadway Joe
2 KANSAS CITY at Cleveland - Sattelihu

Nobody wanted Miami, Detroit, Tampa Bay, the Jets, or Cincy.

Comments (3)

Jack, you know my pick was in code this week, right? "Niners" = "Miami". Since I didn't tell you that right away, let's just round it off to 5 points for me?? Thanks!

Jacksonville's got a lot of work to do to make me a winner. Congrats to those that picked the Bears. What,a great game.

Week two and I picked another winner. Thanks to the new Steel Curtain for winning the game with D-Fence.

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