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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Double standard

Washington County has arrested these guys for defrauding people out of $10 here, $20 there... but Portland does nothing about this guy, who does the same thing. He's probably stolen more over the past decade than the four guys now in jail ever have.

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Someone who is not one of the ones pictured in the story came to my (Wash. County) door in the last few days with a similar, though not identical, story, so apparently there is at least one more out there.

I believe it's the difference between a functional DA's office and a dysfunctional one.

On a related topic, where's Kyron? Or how about an indictment? The news conferences seem to have failed to answer either question.

IMO, it can only be a double standard if the same agency is responsible for arrests in one instance and no action in the other.

That said, your point is well-taken. Washington County has clearly done the right thing by arresting these sleazebags.

The fact that this sketchy con man David has not been busted by the Portland police is indefensible. The fact he has not had his ass kicked (or worse) by one of his many victims is even more amazing.

Think I might have been hit up by the Welch's guy last night in the Pearl, by Powells, red beard, little bit scruffier than the pics here, but was wearing wire rim glasses, decent shirt. He flat out asked for 12 dollars as I walked by, he gave a short reason but I didn't understand what he said.

Funny part is, my only response was to shake my head and walk on, he stood there bad mouthing me, as I walked the full length of the block until I turned the corner. He got loud enough, sidewalk diners up and down the block, were even staring at him.

The whole pan handling thing in PDX needs to be clamped down on. I don't mind someone asking for a quarter and gracefully accepting the rejection, but more than not they get down right indignant and mouthy if you don't. Its getting old.

Once again, the first step to getting "something done" would be to file police reports, at the very least... How many people have done that?

I share the frustration, but it;s unfair to put the blame on the police/DA's office when so far not a single "Wleches Guy" anecdote mentions anything about follow up action.

No citizen should be harassed by another. Nor should we have to file a police report just to walk down a certain sidewalk. I believe that when someone is "hanging" around a particular area, that constitutes vagrancy and that is against the law. I have heard that Portland passed a law making it illegal for "we the people" to give the panhandlers money. Get the picture here? Arresting a vagrant or beggar doesn't generate income...however, ticketing someone that gives these people money is easier because we can PAY the fines obviously. So....why would the Portland Police wish to pursue going after a penniless (or perceived to be) person when it's generating income for a cash strapped city?

Mister Tee - there is a first time for everything... and I agree that the MultCo DA's office is dysfunctional and hairless.


Got a statute number for the law you "heard" about? It doesn't exist, I'm sorry to say.

And, yes, in order for a crime to be prosecuted, it needs to be reported first... sad fact of life.

I share the frustration, but it;s unfair to put the blame on the police/DA's office when so far not a single "Wleches Guy" anecdote mentions anything about follow up action.

KGW contacted the police about this several summers ago. They chased David out of downtown, but he was back within a few weeks. They know where he "works," and where he drinks his "paychecks" away. But they've never arrested him for theft by deception, which is the crime he's committing.

Jack - the cops have more important things to do... starting with killing African-Americans and the mentally ill.... they need adrenalin producing thrills.... if you want the Welches con man dealt with, liquor him up and put any kind of weapon in his hand..... just sayin'

If we uniformly enforced "theft by deception" laws many of our politicians would be sitting in jail.

Maybe that's why they're not enforced.

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