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Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't mind the gang shootings

Here's the Advance publishing empire at its worst: advertising thinly disguised as journalism.

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Unfortunately, that piece comes off as an ad.

That said, I was down there last Saturday night and it was a really good time. Not family friendly good time. But definitely drunk white guy in his 30's good time.

I don't doubt there's fun to be had downtown. But in the editorial portion of the paper, there needs to be at least a token attempt at balance.

It was in the "Entertainment" section. I didn't read it but the pictures sure make downtown look like a toilet.

It sure read like ad copy to me. But it hardly competes with a headline to story that ran in the advertising section on Real Estate in a Sunday edition that ran many years ago.
The article was about a new paint product that didn't require a concrete surface to be prepped prior to painting. The header read: "New product lets painter drop acid".
Good times!

What's wrong with a newspaper promoting the downtown of a city? Jack, you constantly talk about our withering downtown core, so is it really a huge problem when the newspaper runs a story talking about interesting things to do there? Sorry, I can't summon much outrage over this one.

I'm not outraged. Let's say I'm highly amused. If they want to put "Special Advertising Section" over this, it's great. But remember, this is the paper that won't say "downtown" when a gang riot with gunfire erupts there -- then it's merely "SW Portland."

At least it was written by The Intern. Really. Knowing how this town works, I wonder who Daddy is?

The zero has been promoting big government, tax increase, Tri met, etc. for years.

Billions of dollars of free advertising even though they would never admit that.

The mainstream media is also on the receiving end of millions of dollars of taxpayer paid advertising.

Fair and balanced? Objective? If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

The more I think about this the more I believe it truly is an advertisement. And if it is an advertisement, who paid for it? The city?

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