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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Dog day afternoon

Here are this week's choices for players in our charity pro football underdog game. Advice, anyone?

14.5 DETROIT at Green Bay
13.5 CAROLINA at New Orleans
8.5 JACKSONVILLE vs. Indianapolis
8 ARIZONA at San Diego
6.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Atlanta
6.5 DENVER at Tennessee
6 WASHINGTON at Philadelphia
4.5 BUFFALO vs. New York Jets
3 CLEVELAND vs. Cincinnati
3 OAKLAND vs. Houston
3 CHICAGO at New York Giants
1.5 BALTIMORE at Pittsburgh
1 ST. LOUIS vs. Seattle
1 MIAMI vs. New England

Comments (6)

Forget the Carolina game; and the Browns should be bigger underdogs than 3 pts., for cryin' out loud -- Oakland, too. It would be SO fun if the Bills beat the Jets, wouldn't it? Steelers top the espn power rankings today, Ravens game is always an Olympian clash.

I kinda like Buffalo over the Jets. The Bills looked good against New England on Sunday, and the Sanchize has to falter sometime this season. Why not now?

I also like (ok, want) Donovan McNabb to channel his frustration against the team that done him wrong (and a division rival to boot), but Michael Vick has been playing exceptionally well. You can be sure the entire Eagles team will be motivated in front of the home crowd.

If I could bring myself to bet against my Giants, I think Chicago's a good three point pick. Tom Coughlin hasn't figured out how to prevent back to back teamwide meltdowns or how to get his aging offensive line to protect the lesser Manning.

Detroit at Green Bay...not gonna happen.

I really think New Orleans is overrated, and with Reggie Bush out it only amplifies their problems. I think Carolina is a reasonable long-shot to win.

Jacksonville might cover the spread but won't win outright.

Arizona sucks.

49ers suck.

Titans too good for Denver on the road.

I think I would take Carolina.

'If I could bring myself to bet against my Giants, I think Chicago's a good three point pick'. I still say I should be DEDUCTED points for picking Eli over Peyton on a sunday night game week two.Thats ones gonna knaw at me all year whereever I end at....

Can someone please post the email address to send picks to? I can't find it and my auto fill-in isn't working. Thank you.

The email address for picks is underdog-at-bojack.org

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