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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cha-ching! More bucks for one of Neil's boys

What a hero! Bill Wyatt, running the Port of Portland, has agreed to take a mere $321,000 out of the public coffers this year. Thank you, Bill, and God bless you.

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Former chief of staff to former Governor John Kitzhaber.

"Last year, Wyatt gave himself a 10 percent pay cut as part of salary reductions and furloughs throughout the organization, but the current raise is a 7 percent increase from his salary before that reduction. "

Now that is slick.

I bet we see a swarm of this as the prospect of a Governor Dudley propells more to get their pay up just before being removed to retirement.

Considering they praised him for finishing the new HQ even though it was totally unnecessary, what did you expect from this board.

The guy only has to figure how much to charge everyone using the airport in taxes, why is that so hard?

Don't you think it is a just reward for years of public service? He sacrificed a lucrative private sector career so he could give, give, and give to the people of Oregon.

So...his contribution to "economic development" was building a new office for himself. That's just great.

We should all be working for the government...

GW - I am assuming that the giving you are talking about is that he gave the people of Oregon a royal screwing.

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