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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Burn that brush in your backyard?

You're not allowed to do that in Portland -- unless you're Fireman Randy. It's not exactly in the middle of nowhere. Quite a few homes and businesses are out that way. They'll smell the greatness.

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This is complete BS. Do as we say not as we do government and a waste of taxpayer money too.

It could not be a lower priority and more proof of the gross misappropriation the CoP engages in.

If this Saturday is anything like last Saturday, they aren't going to be burning s**t.

I thought bringing in goats was the green thing.
Maybe they will temporarily paint the firetrucks green for the day.
I guess painting the ash and stubble green would work too!

Heck, you're not even allowed to do much of that many places in Oregon anymore, particularly if you're a grass-seed farmer. As usual, Randy and his PFD BFFs get to flout the rules. And it's hilarious that they're claiming it will provide wildland firefighting training, as there's not much wildland left in Portland. Although . . . maybe the training will come in handy if a neglected ecoroof or bioswale dries out and catches fire next summer . . .

Yes, there is an ordinance against backyard bonfires, but try to get the PFD to enforce it. You can call 823-3333 and a fire engine will probably come (they are required to do so) to chat with your pyromaniacal neighbor even if they have done so on numerous previous occasions, but only an admonition will be given. The PFD has never issued a fine for a backyard burn.

In the end, in this city where enforcement is allegedly complaint-driven, it is the complainer who bears the burden of both the offense and resistant bureaucratic process.

One must conclude that the PFD does not enforce the backyard burn ban because their business, as they conceive it, is not preventing fires or the smoke that fills your house from your neighbor's "warming fire." The PFD likes a good blaze.

How's Randy's & Portland's carbon balance sheet looking now?

It's probably a better idea to send some of those gov't fata$$e$ out with some sicles, maddocks, shovels and rakes to deal with that outlaw vegetation, instead of playing with fire. Somebody in the press oughta do a head count of public employees out there when they fire it up.

P.S. -- Many invasive plants love fire and need it to germinate....

To paraphrase the church lady "Well, aren't they special!!!"

Our town has the same regs for burn barrels and back yard fires. I was told to put some bricks around it and a chair or two. If you are really worried, a bag of marshmallows and box of grams.
Unless it is the size of a VW, they will try to look serious as they tell you to be careful.

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