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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who needs KOA?

Our faithful reader Rudie caught this scene this afternoon. It's a guy who's set up camp -- complete with barbecue grill -- in Waterfront Park down by Portland's Steel Bridge:

Maybe Fish and Zari will swing by for a photo op on their way home.

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Might be unsustainable, alas.

Reminds me of the family car trip to Iowa in the '60s. We arrived in Nyssa well after dark and Dad asked a policeman where we could find a campsite. He directed us to this great grassy "park". We woke up the next morning and realized we were camped on the front lawn of a school. I had never seen us pack up and get on the road quicker.

When he fills up the space with litter and junk and finally moves, maybe we should give him Nick Fish's address so he can camp there.

Maybe sometime in August they can remove the rain fly!

That fellow is just the first of the many thousands of Portlanders who will soon be living in tents downtown after being driven out of their homes by high water and sewer rates. The situation may look unpleasant, but at least he's close to the MAX and several stores that sell cheap liquor and cigarettes.

Walked by these guys before lunch. Whatever they were cooking up on the BBQ smelled pretty good.

Whatever they were cooking up on the BBQ smelled pretty good.

Some raccoons in our neighborhood have gone missing lately.

I'm guessing roast goose. Maybe he heard that Portland quit prosecuting misdemeanors?

Pat 4:36 Could you turn me on to these cheap liquor stores? I'm stuck in the suburbs using a car and would love to use MAX to save some money filling my medical alcohol prescription.

Looks like he's having a conversation with a cop back there.

Are the porta-potties still there from the Rose Festival?
Nah...there are NO useable public toilets in Portland.
Maybe Nick and Zari will be picking up more than trash...

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