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Monday, June 14, 2010

Quite the looker

An alert reader sends along, for no apparent reason, this lovely photo of Portland's Rose Festival queen of 1915, Sybil Baker:

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Did not the student bodies once select their individual School's Rose Princess?

yes Abe, they did. I don't know whether they do it now but we did in 1973

I'm thinking of starting a complimentary "Portland Hose Festival" for the politicians who gave it to the citizens. I can't pick a date because unfortunately it goes on all year long.

The reader sent this "for no apparent reason"? No apparent reason, Jack? Try a big old slice of 1915 hotness.

I wonder what her dog looks like. Must be a knockout!

Could women even vote back than or just run for office?

Gotta love the Mary Pickford style eye makeup.

Is she married?
She has a ring on that finger.

I think I dated her.

The fabric quality was beautiful
and accessible for our Rose Festival Queen and for the public generally if one could splurge a bit, one could have couturier fabric.

Today, the fabric would be available if at all at very expensive prices. Some years ago in an LA shop fabrics over $200.yd were locked in a room. One had to ask for a key and an attendant would stay in the room while you looked at the fabric. Who knows what the cost would be today?

Instead, we now most likely have polyester gowns, "silk like" satin,
polyester lace, faux georgette.
So much faux this and that.

Just like faux elected officials???

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