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Monday, June 21, 2010

A legend leaves us

Arriving in our e-mail bag today while we were on the road was this message from Michael Whitmore:

I’m a daily reader, so thought you might want to post a piece about Bunny Mason’s passing last night at 9:00pm. I don’t know if you’re a golfer, but he was a great teacher of the game and also a very good PGA golfer in his younger years. Bunny was my mentor since I was a kid and when I played at the old Salem Golf Course. We teamed up later to design and construct some pretty neat golf courses including Skamania G.C. in Stevenson, Washington and Persimmon G.C. in Gresham, all told maybe a couple dozen golf projects together. Bunny was head PGA pro at Columbia G.C. here in Portland after Salem and then went over to Black Butte Ranch as the head pro for something like thirty years. He will be greatly missed by many. He was one of a kind and a great friend.

Comments (2)

Sorry for your loss.
Sounds like you have wonderful memories including collaborating on those golf course designs.
It is hard to lose a great friend.
Take care.

Sad to hear of Bunny's passing. He was a very nice man. RIP.

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