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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nanny state says, "You blow"

Oregon's liquor control laws are ridiculous. And dealing with our state's ugly bottle return procedures is disgusting. But it could be worse -- you could live in Pennsylvania.

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Why is it that at some restaurants, like Alameda Brewpub, kids can be near people drinking booze yet at others, like Perry's on Fremont, kids can't sit with their parents during happy hour?

Perry's says its because of the OLCC. I don't understand (this and about a zillion other things).

man, I live in PA, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. it is truly backwards here. you get spoiled in OR when you can pick up a 6 pack at the gas station (of something good too), or a bottle of wine at any old grocery store. abolish the PLCB!

Not so fast Jack. OLCC cancels the homebrew contest at the Oregon State Fair:


Ridiculous! I can't believe New Jersey didn't beat them to it!

I love the part about swiping your driver's license and talking to a camera being monitored by a bureaucrat. The Sam-Rand Twins will have that on every parking meter in Portland before too long.

East coast states seem to be more restrictive about booze. I think NY restricts wine sales at markets and requires liquor store owners to live within a certain radius of their stores.

When I lived in VA in 1993, midinght was last call for private booze sales. In DC you could get medicore crap at grocery sores but you had to go to specialty liquor stores for anything good.

I'm no fan of the OLCC and I think banning a homebrew competition at the state fair is asinine but it is a lot worse back east, or south.

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