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Monday, June 28, 2010

Heaven just got funnier

Marty Ginsburg, hands down the most gifted tax lawyer on the planet, died yesterday. Not only was he a spectacular advisor, advocate, teacher, thinker, and writer, but also an accomplished chef, and a hilarious comic when he wanted to be, which was often.

Leave it to Marty to depart this world when matters of death and taxes are unsettled. He and his previously departed colleagues are probably laughing it up right now over the fact that nobody knows for sure what the tax "basis" is in the stuff he left behind.

Our condolences to his family and to his many friends. There won't be another like him.

Comments (4)

I was going to hire him to handle the class action suit against Portland and others calling taxes "sewer fees" to dodge measure 50, etc. So who's the 2nd smartest.

Jack, sorry for the loss of your friend and colleague.

On NPR today (July 3), Nina Totenberg did a nice piece on Marty.

Thanks, Joel. Link here.

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