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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Celestial orb wreaks havoc

Here at Blog Central, the reappearance of the strange yellow light in the sky has heated things up to where they haven't been in many months, and now the lightbulbs are all burning out.

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Sorry, no idea what you are referring to. In my neck of the woods, nature just presented a blood-curdling show just five minutes ago. Like, terrifyingly red in tooth and claw, sounded like a match to the death between a werewolf and a pack of squealing baby rabbits. Or a pack of pit-bulls versus a family of raccoons. It was so scary-sounding that I crossed the street in my bare feet, just to try to get a glimpse of the creatures involved. As I approached, what looked like a large furry four-legged thing slunk off into the shadows around a driveway. The bleating, keening, shrieking sounds, along with the killing, gnashing, snarling, (distinctly and rabidly canine) sounds, all melted away.

The country seems not very inviting right now, if this is what goes on in a city.

The orb is visible again today.
Maybe the crazed natives will be more used to the light and avoid car accidents today.

Yeah, and maybe the wild things will come out to entertain again when it descends tonight. Also, many many crazed drivers on my street yesterday, racing between speed bumps, rocking out to deafening thundering bass sounds that shake the windows of the houses and frighten the squirrrels.

I really wish we had had some nice weather in the last month. Summer just feels so HERE, and like it will be so GONE, so SOON.

While you're at it, check out cool Lady Orb tonight. She's gorgeous!

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