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Monday, May 10, 2010

Time to close the police stations at night again

When Portland needs money for streetcars and ditches bioswales, you can always count on public safety to be the first service choked off.

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Who needs the cops? It's not like we have groups of anarchists running through town attacking buildings for no reason.

Oh wait....

Police union may be able to hamstring Council on discipline for killing innocents, stalking and threatening Smart Car drivers, bullying, etc, etc, etc. but it does control the budget. Rosie decides what gets offered up for the cut. She could have cut out her trips to wherever she always is when the latest innocent gets shot.

I'm waiting for the day the City gets sued when somebody stumbles into one of those vegetative ditches between the sidewalk and the street and breaks an ankle.

I guess they'll have to eliminate garbage collection in the city parks next.

Heh...I planted my parking strip with Siberian iris, echinacea, rosemary and other flowering plants. It looks rather like a bioswale.

The city cited me for overly tall weeds.

It looks to me as though their plan is to arm every other moron in the city public service ranks and beef up the risk-management team for fast, ready payouts.

Arm the Water Bureau and go by streetcar!

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