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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Obama Show

If you love the guy, it's must-see TV.

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Almost as boring as Goebbels' Wochenschau newsreels, and for the same reason. Where's the shot of Gibbs stonewalling mainstream reporters' requests for details of the job offered by Obama to Sestak to get out of the Pennsylvania Dem Senatorial Primary to help hapless O-pal Specter? He repeated "I have no further comment" about eight times - that's transparency!


Memo from the Right Wing Home Office, Nutcase Division.

Subject: Critiquing your comment.

Dear Morbius,
Thanks for your recent comment regarding President Obama on Jack Bog's site. Comparing him to Hitler was just what we are looking for, and you did it in a very creative way.
However, most Americans find Goebbel's propaganda newsreels chilling - even frightening. When you say they are merely "boring" you come off as an insensitive moron.
But let's overlook that for now and concentrate on the positive part of your comment: That President Obama is Hitler.
When making a huge point like that, you need to give an example that's big and dramatic. Instead you follow it with some tiny little point about Obama's press secretary not answering a question about the Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania.
Frankly, that's weak. They offered a candidate a job to get him to drop out? Who cares? That's not exactly invading Poland, is it?

Try and bring up your crazy factor a little more. We know you can do it.

By the way, it doesn't help us that "O-pal Specter" just came off a long stretch in the GOP. Most progressives hated the guy and were glad to see him go. Pick a better example. This is a feel-good story for them.

Look, Morbius, we still believe you are one of the good Americans and respect your efforts here, but try and bring it a little stronger or you're going to make us look ridiculous. And that's Sarah Palin's job."

Thanks, Bill - absolutely priceless.

Hit a nerve there? Wow. I merely suggested that both are mindless propaganda. Would you care to address the specific issue, the lying and stonewalling on the illegal job offer Sestak has reconfirmed? Or do you prefer to continue to nurse your fantasy that it was the right wing of the Supreme Court that gave us the wretched "Kelo" decision? I've got to go read to orphan children now, so I'll catch the new batch of bile tomorrow. Have a nice day!

Excellent Obama link for the rubes...

...it'll help the rubes get over the lack of action on the many campaign promises of Change to get away from the Bush years (Closing Gitmo in 12 months, Bringing the soldiers home from the War in Afghanistan, ending the War in Iraq, ...)

As somebody who was worried that an Obama administration would change too much from the Bush administration, what was I worried for??

LOL Obama equals Bush III, only with more spending!!

Oh Morbius, you should know you can't come on this blog and say ANYTHING negative about the annointed one.

Larry, you gave Obama FAR too much credit when you called him Bush III. No, he is Carter II with runaway spending.

I went on a rant, but deleted it - bottom line is Obama is the WORST president this country has EVER had. He doesn't even have competition for that title.

While we're at it, let's not forget the silence from the White House about the bailout for failing Shore Bank in Chicago.

"Where's the shot of Gibbs stonewalling mainstream reporters'"

Heck, where's the shot of Obama answering questions at a press conference. He's picking up where Bush Jr left off.

native oregonian,
Oh, to be so persecuted! Be brave!
This idea that anything negative about President Obama is immediately attacked by the protectors of the anointed one is spin. It's very similar to how criticism of President Bush was handled. Remember?
If you criticized President Bush you were blinded by your personal hatred for the President - so blind that you couldn't even see that he was "our Winston Churchill."
Fun times.

Now, if you object to someone comparing video of President Obama to a Nazi propaganda newsreel, you are blindly protecting the anointed one. It's that same talking points vibe. I would even guess that the "anointed one" phrase regarding Obama comes from Rush Limbaugh - it sounds like him but if you made it up, and are not just repeating what Rush put in your head, I apologize. Incidentally, I first heard Bush called "our Winston Churchill" by Rudy Giuliani.

There are many valid criticisms of President Obama, but when you go with the Hitler comparison, you lose me - just like the right lost me with their ridiculous comparison of President Bush to Winston Churchill.

Bill -
I never compared Obama to Hitler. Never compared Bush to Hitler either, although many on the left did. Not exactly sure where I first heard of Obama referred to as the annointed one, although I'm absolutely sure it wasn't Limbaugh because I can't stand listening to Limbaugh so I don't tune in (I've heard him referred to that way several times in various postings).

Based on past postings (of yours) I'd guess you and I are fairly close in age. We've seen more than our fair share of presidents. The difference is that I find Obama to be the worst of the bunch and (evidently) you found Bush II to be the worst.

Please don't put words in my mouth - I did NOT refer to Obama as Hitler and I don't plan on it. While I despise the man, he hasn't reached that level.

native oregonian,
You wrote, "Oh Morbius, you should know you can't come on this blog and say ANYTHING negative about the annointed one."

So we were both reacting to the same comment by Morbius. That's clear, isn't it?

One of the things Morbius did was compare President Obama video to a Goebbels newsreel. Maybe you aren't familiar with those - they showed scenes of Hitler.

Oh, and I checked and "the anointed one" reference is apparently from Sean Hannity.

And if I'd compared it to Pravda, I'd be calling Obama Brezhnev? [Gorbachev, Andropov, Lenin] There's a lot of propaganda on that White House video that's not pix of Obama - just as Wochenschau had lots of propaganda that didn't show Hitler - don't put words in my mouth. My point was that both were boring propaganda that shouldn't have been paid for with government [taxpayer] funds. And three more posts, but still no comment on Gibbs stonewalling on the Sestak job offer? Hmm... If the Evil Bush had pulled a stunt like that, Congress would be talking impeachment & there would be numerous direct assertions that Bush was Hitler, as there were over eight years.

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