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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Portland cops: still utterly tone deaf

Here the City of Portland is supposed to be making nicey-nicey to the family of James Chasse, who was senselessly killed by the police, and yet even now the police chief can't seem to own up to the truth:

But Sizer, who said she felt frustrated by not being able to publicly address the death-in-custody case because of the pending litigation, said today that she believes the police bureau and officers involved "have been unfairly demonized." She called Chasse's death a "horrible accident and not a 'beating death,' as Chasse's family lawyer has argued.
No, Chief Sizer, you are wrong:
In depositions in preparation for the federal trial, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy said Chasse suffered 46 separate abrasions or contusions on his body, including six to the head and 19 strikes to the torso. Fractures to his back ribs also probably did not result from Chasse getting knocked to the ground or someone falling on top of him, but more likely resulted from a kick or knee-drop, state medical examiner Dr. Karen Gunson said.
It was indeed a beating death, under your watch. For months you stonewalled and protected the totally unfit police officers who killed this man. They continued to make serious mistakes on the job and in their lives as a result. And now, on the day that the city admits liability for killing Chasse and pledges a record $1.6 million to pay for it, you still play fast and loose with the facts.

You are all a disgrace to the uniform.

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Geez, Jack. Be careful driving or you'll be stopped by the PPB and yours will be the death we'll read about.

The old non-apology apology.

"Some mistakes were made. I'm sorry if you were upset by this in any way."

And Adams, the Mayor, is conspicuosly absent from the entire matter. Still.

And Leonard, who labeled it a tragedy, is also silent. Very silent in general lately, in fact. Isn't that strange?


I about crashed my car this afternoon when I heard Sizer's comments.... she's got to go, along with Saltzman....

Ms. Sizer, your unwillingness to own up to some bad policing is the most troubling part about this case.

I really wish this had gone to trial.

I wonder if the citizens of PDX could sue the union (as it protects the thugs that cost tax payer dollars to settle these things) and the worthless DA's office (which refuses to prosecute criminals er thugs with badges) to recoup some or all of this money.

Such obvious untruth! So, maybe we need a poll. Is Sizer: a) cynical? b) delusional? or, c) herself afraid of retaliation?

I don't know. But I hope she will soon be retired. And Deadwood Saltzman gets a new job. And Mayor Creepy elopes with whomever he's mentoring on the East Coast every weekend, and never comes back.

Aw, crap.

Another police chief to flush down the toilet with all her predecessors.

One of these days, it would be nice to have a real public servant in that role. The last decent public servant in a law enforcement role I remember was Don Clark. And he's been out of law enforcement for decades....since 1967.

"[His] death was a horrible accident."
He tripped?

I've had two officers come up to me in coffee shops and beg me to bring leadership to City Hall. Not all cops are bad - they just need to know what is expected of them and from the top down, it's not been there.

We need and deserve annual performance evaluations for Police like every other city employee, random drug testing for anyone using a city vehicle, just like any other city employee, drug testing after any shooting, counseling and an evaluation of every officer involved in a shooting by an independent reputable (PTSD) counseling firm, and progressive discipline to ensure the City actually has the authority to remove officers- rather than having 10 out of 11 dismissals be overturned by an arbitrator in the last decade.

It is time for leadership.

An overlooked aspect of this settlement is that finally the facts gathered during the investigation will become public. And for once, the public will have a chance to see for themselves the conduct of its officers, and city officials. It will be a shameful day when the truth comes out. And hopefully some who played fast and loose with the truth resign, or are pushed out. Starting at the top.

Utterly shameless.

When the local media reported about claims that 25 sworn police officers in Portland may have to be laid off due to budget cuts, I had a really hard time feeling bad for them.

I can name a dozen Portland cops, including the chief, who should be at the top of the list for dismissal.

I wonder what the over/under is on time until the next senseless killing by Portland police and why the FBI has failed to investigate this organization that is corrupt through and through.

yeah, this was total bs and the ppd is an abusive husband that our fine city keeps covering up the bruises and saying we tripped.

But, did anyone else wonder what Jack isn't telling us (yet) about mayor creepy's east coast adventures? Did I miss a story somewhere?

C'mon Jack - what's the scoop? I do so love my Mayor Creepy Real World!

Well Said. Sad.

Mary. Its simple. What is expected of them is not to kick and beat people to death or shoot unarmed folks. Its that simple. They also need to stop protecting and covering up for corrupt psycho cops. If they cannot figure that out themselves they need to resign.

the facts gathered during the investigation will become public

Maybe. So far they're saying they're going to release the PPB internal investigation report and some sort of training review. Those will have been written by Portland cops. Do you honestly think they'll be candid?

I'd like to see (and even host) the full text of the dozens of depositions taken in the lawsuit. That's where the medical examiner finally told the truth, and where people are testifying under oath and subject to cross-examination. Alas, I haven't seen anyone say that those are going to be released.

And here's psychotic Sam's statement:

"The Chasse family has had to endure a very public examination of what is, at the end of the day, a very personal matter.... the Portland Police Bureau has operated under increased scrutiny, especially in cases involving mental illness. And while there have been positive developments in how the police manage issues of use of force and medical transport, we need to be more proactive in making additional improvements."

Positive developments. Positive developments. Last I counted, two more mentally ill people have been shot dead and a mentally ill adolescent shot at close range with a beanbag gun. Last I counted, one of Chasse's killers pulled a gun on a citizen in a road rage moment. Last I counted, there is a "Nazi re-enactment hobbyist" (HA!) working for the PPD in the capacity of a captain, who just happened to hold his wedding at Hitler's country estate, because, you know, re-enactment is cool.

This town is really getting to me today, I have to say. And I agree, how sad it would be if the info we finally get is some meaningless policy written by some police bureaucrats.

I'd like to see (and even host) the full text of the dozens of depositions taken in the lawsuit.

How about a public record request followed up by as much litigation as it takes to get them? Take up donations for the legal bill.

A bizarre press release from the Chief.

See - http://www.mentalhealthportland.org/?p=5470

The second and third paragraphs are written by different people. The second by the public relations folks advising the chief, the third by her arrogant lawyers, still fighting a lost cause.

As we have for all documents and articles about what happened to James Chasse, the Mental Health Association of Portland will archive the documents released from Chasse v. Humphreys.

If there are lawyers out there who would like to help us make an independent assessment of them, give me a ring.

An accident is hitting someone in the body when you meant to hit them in the knees - a beat down is the 20-40 blows Mr. Chasse suffered. Get a clue, Rosie.

The photo of them surrounding Chasse on the ground could fit any group of thugs. Death from urination like the previous guy who couldn't speak English and ended up dead in a hospital because he threatened them with a pencil.....This rationalization of behaviour is what needs to be confronted. Most officers I'm sure are fine but the "repeat offenders" need to be dealt with by a strong citizen panel. Are steroids a factor? We don't know when or if?

As a result, I don't make any sudden moves when pulled over. You never know which one you are dealing with.

Micheal Moores 'Bowling for Columbine' suggests that fear is a mechanism used to 'sell' us on many things we would never buy otherwise. The fear of crime has allowed us to accept an army of occupation, mostly excepted from the same laws they are sworn to uphold. Self protection of cops is used as the basis for the most egregious incidents called up daily in the Oregonian, and settled upon often by Council.
My question is: are we as a community going to continue to accept business as usual, or has the paradigm shifted?
I have long wished Adams would have taken Police as part of his portfolio, and am please he belatedly has. He is now charged with bringing about a culture and leadership shift that hopefully will bring Police into the realm of community service and away from the 'third rail' status they currently enjoy.
I look forward to that day.

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