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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outrage 'R' Us

The proposal to close Jefferson High School in Portland has prompted the predictable response.

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It doesn't matter what schools they close, there is going to be outrage.

They need to just do it, and move on.

Or don't do it, if they're not sure. But this whole, maybe we close this one, maybe we close that one, just asks for lots of anger and protests.

The meeting I attended at Franklin HS last December seemed to be informing why they would want to close Franklin (because of low enrollment). I wonder now if when the board and Carol spoke at each school they hinted that this was the school that might close and see what the audience response was. Gauge the rage.

Given our embedded and seemingly unremovable city leadership's runaway agenda to convert the city into an urban playground for wealthy, white, eco-friendly elitists, this response comes as no surprise. In fact, given what's happened to Mississippi and Alberta streets, I'm surprised it's taken so long, and that until recently the local African-American community has been commendably patient.

Actually JC, this has come up before. Jefferson has been troubled for a long time, but every attempt to change anything at all is met with outrage and calls of racism.

If you are the school board, there is no right answer at Jeff. They're pissed at the current low acheivement there, and they're pissed if you try to fix it.

Instead of another decade or two of the same old PPS District shuffling, this is what should happen.

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It's time to close Jefferson. The public has voted, and they have chosen to send their kids elsewhere. Only 460 kids go to Jeff, that's less than attend most middle schools. Guys do the obvious.

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