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Sunday, May 16, 2010

NSFW -- but o.k. for the fourth grade

It's little wonder that there's so much resentment out there toward the public schools. Stories like this set the good teachers back a decade at a time.

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If I'd been given that in elementary school all that I would have wanted to know was whether Miss Measure 11 would show up at a school assembly the way McGruff does. I think I wold have some questions for those -- I mean her.

So if Measure 11 didnt exist, would they have brought this up at all? Maybe teach kids that doing certain things are wrong? Because it seems here that the only thing they are trying to get across is that society will punish them if they are caught.

We are in the grip of morons.

And exactly how may K-8 kids commit Measure 11 crimes?

Makes me want to smell my kids' fingers ...

Well Garage Wine, since they have charged kids with sex crimes for kissing, hugging, sexting, that dance where you bump hips(whatever it is called), etc I'm guessing it is more then you think.

Hey, how do you think the police or school admins get their jollies besides explaining to kids in graphic details these sexual practices? Right now, they rank with MTV on the morality scale.

One more win for private schools.

A friend who works for the school system tells me that charging students for sexual harassment is the new deal.

I can tell you that I currently have a client who was convicted of a Measure 11 offense for an act he committed while 13. If people don't like material like this being displayed to children, quit treating children like adults in criminal courts. If they are adult enough to send to prison, they are adult enough to be warned of the consequences of their actions. In fact, they deserve to be.

But in fourth grade? Ages 9 and 10?

For every kid at that age who might benefit from this message, you're screwing up the childhoods of hundreds.

Did one of the sex crimes scenarios read like this: "You are mentoring a younger child. The child is confused about his place in the world. You take the child into the bathroom...".

I totally agree Jack - this is not suitable material for kids in the 4th grade. Local govt just continues to show their incompetence. I wouldn't trust them to run a lemonade stand.

Here's the link for anyone to print for themselves. I like printing it in the comic book mode so I can color in the diversity myself.


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