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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now, this guy would make it interesting

Are you like me -- does the Oregon governor's race make you yawn? Kitzhaber -- again? Bradbury -- again? Alley -- again? Dudley -- he went to Yale, but so did Bush.

It's hard to get worked up, pro or con, about any of these dudes. This state is really lacking in local color. You want excitement? Try this guy on for size.

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Intersting, but he'd last about 5 seconds before the public employees and Blue Oregon did a Sizemore on him (and he's no where near as bad as Sizemore).

We really don't want debate here - This state is really lacking in local color? Hey, we celebrate diversity as long as it agrees with us.

I'd be happy with one candidate who had some other manta besides "we need more money and here what taxes we're going to raise to get it."

That guy would get burned at the steak if he ever walked over the Multnomah County line.

I'd just be happy with a candidate who was held social views that were actually electable in this State, as well as a fiscally conservative outlook.

And, by 'fiscally conservative', I actually mean 'not looking to write a third of the state's budget directly into the unions', environmental alarmists', and developers' bank accounts.'

Tim James for president!

What would be next?..."show your papers"...but you can't get those if you don't speak English...and interesting catch 22.
Seems to me that there will be a lot of folks driving around withOUT licenses if that gets to be the law in Alabama.

Thanks, Jack, for reminding me just how much worse it could be.

Yeehaw, Alabama...

You want someone for president, I go for Lt. Col. West from Florida's 22 district. I watch one of his video's when I feel despair over our present condition.
He is also a highly decorated war veteran from the Iraq war. He was tried by a military tribunal for "Excessive force" against a terrorist infiltrator (fired a pistol next to his head, no one got hurt and an attack was stopped) and won. He has an amazing story and is brilliant.

This guy would be good:
Note: NSFW

I'm confused, Jo, it was funny, but the first time I saw it, it was posted as a City Council meeting?

Alabama English driver's test:

Whad ya do wayn ther latt turn green?

You Git!

Here is John Lim, Republican candidate for Oregon governor, telling how he would bring Arizona's immigrant profiling law to Oregon.

Lt. Col. West's selective use of history is not brilliant. It is self serving. The same logic he displays on YouTube could be applied to Christianity, Germany, England,and yes, Senor McGregor, the United States.
There's wisdom and there's demagogy.

The question he asks is a good one:

Should drivers license tests be conducted only in English?

What about all the other City of Portland *crap* produced in foreign languages?

Should they be English only?

If not, then how many languages "make sense"? Does Russian really "make sense" in Portland? Latvian?

(it seems to me that the liberals or progressives also have some common sense candidates, just not Rex.)

Does Russian really "make sense" in Portland?

Yes. According to Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, "more than 100,000 Russian-speaking refugees and immigrants from the Former Soviet Union currently reside in the Portland metro area.... Census figures show no place in the nation has had more of an influx from the Soviet Union than the Northwest. Oregon is number two in the nation for Russian-speaking new comers."

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