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Friday, May 7, 2010

Nightmare on Fourth Avenue

Can you imagine if the Sam-Rand Twins took over the Portland public schools?

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Yeah, I can just imagine the new curriculum on civics, finance, and ethics...

Adams has several "education" people on his staff, and wants to add another, so I just assumed PPS was run out of City Hall.

This would be an interesting move. I'll leave it at that!

Kids would love it - Every other day off in solidarity with Tucson city council and anti-Iraq protests. No economics classes whatsoever and advanced toadying for the upwardly mobile students.

Moreover, the kids could threaten to shut down the schools unless their parents vote more money while saying "Its for the kids."

I'm not even going to think about Sam being a counselor for "confused" youth.

Mayor Vera considered it.

My family would be out of here SOOOO fast. It would be like a cartoon, where there's just a puff of dust outlining where our bodies were the instant before.

At first blush, I cringed. Then I thought, would PPS be worse off than it is now? The answer to that is not clear to me.

These city elected officials liked to bring in the schools from time to time, sure helps at election time if they gave a perk now and then and/or PR they are for children.

Look at the total picture parents, I know many are busy with activities, but the agenda is really not for the children.

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