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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maybe it's gonna be an ATV ramp

A reader writes:

I took this the other day at the Tanner park in the Pearl. That's the park where you can't go on the grass. We wondered what all the cones were for. Bike lanes, maybe?

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Maybe a major poodle-poop cleanup . . .

Reason for cones: Sanderson Supply here in Portland had a couple months of poor sales-the City helped them out.
Orange cones and barrels are "The City That Works" way of indicating the are "The City That Is Thinking About Working"

My vindictive drunkard neighbor, who believes in using the City's 'services' instead of talking to his neighbors like those of us who have been here a while do, recently called the City (BDS, with nothing else to do) because my lawn was too long - it was far shorter than this. The functionary gave me 15 days to cut it, or the City crew would & charge me 140% of their 'cost.' Gee, I'm glad we were annexed by Portland....

Marking a culturally creative Path to Sustainability....

...or an ATM ramp for PDC.

Umm.. it looks more like a swamp to me. Seedy, unkept, dirty. It should be renamed Sam Adams Park!

Seriously though, I miss "real" parks with green lawns and trees.

I'm with Morbius on this...I have a parking strip I got tired of dragging a mower down to...so I planted it into Siberian iris and other flowering plants.

The BDS cited me for tall, overgrown weeds.

Hey...It looks better than Tanner Creek Park. Or, any bioswale.

So...It seems the city feels free to create these kinds of eyesores that they cite residents for. Nice...they charge others for doing what they do.

I think that's a 'racket', isn't it?

I wonder what all of these bioswales around town are going to look like in 10 years. I really hope they've planned ahead for weed and pest mitigation; if not, they'll all be luxury condos for rats.

Eric - and the homeowners will be on the hook to BDS or their successors to keep them tidy or pay massive fines.

Park? I thought it was a vacant lot. When I was a kid in Sacto our favorite playgrounds were vacant lots. We caught pollywogs, had dirt clod fights, and learned to smoke. Of course, all these acivities are now illegal.

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