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Saturday, May 22, 2010

How about a "Biggest Oregon Tax Deadbeats" list?

It could be coming. And wouldn't it be interesting reading?

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All taxes are collected at the point of a bayonet. I am mixed about collections. If I suffer I want others to suffer as well. Is that really right? This last quote was particularly insightful:

Harchenko, the revenue director, cautions against expecting a state budget bailout from her department. "We cannot collect our way out of this structural deficit in our financial system."

I have heard of this practice before while researching access to justice for pro se tax litigants. Minnesota has been using this method for a few years now, and seems to have had some success

From an enforcement perspective, I think it's a good idea, simply because it will cost the state almost nothing to maintain whereas other types of enforcement require more time and money. In general, I think non-pecuniary tax enforcement deserves more exploring. Minnesota also has laws to allow delinquent taxpayers to work off the debt doing public service work for the state, but I'm not sure how often this method is used.

This works quite well for the Arlington Club.

Almost half the amount mentioned has nothing to do with taxes--it's court ordered "fees, fines, restitution and other payments imposed by judges".

Here in Nevada they publish a long list of non-taxpayers in the Reno and Las Vegas newspapers. In fact, just last week they devoted an entire section of the Reno newpaper to a listing on non-payers, their last address and the amount they owed. It included both individuals and businesses.
Of course for that to happen in Oregon; some people in Salem would have to actually get off their tax paid rear ends.

...some people in Salem would have to actually get off their tax paid rear ends...

And usually there are a few who also make the list - another reason it won't happen soon.

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