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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

High achievers

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OK, yes, I, too am a public employee - though I feel like I generally work pretty hard, and try and supply good service to those both within my government and outside folks, such as vendors. But this skit was hilarious, and sad to say, true of at least a few of my former, retired and current co-workers. The major stereotype they missed was the employee who was constantly asleep at his desk, thankfully now retired.

This vile propaganda is being used to destroy union labor.
The banks are using their propaganda machine to fuel the ignorant masses in the war to steal more money from the public.

Every single country in the world is going through this right now, its the one world government in full attack.

Greece is the only place that is putting up a fight against this evil.


Wow Al -
Let your communist flag fly buddy. I got news for you, unions have outlived both what they really existed for and their purpose for existing. They are no longer REALLY for the common man, the common worker, what they are now is an entity unto themselves and they are out for more money and power for those in charge. Not that those in charge have done anything to truly deserve the money and power but once you get it, you don't want to give it up.

As for Greece, it's the clash of reality versus idealistic; and reality wins.

The Greeks are as detached from reality as Al M. Anyone who has worked for a governmental agency knows some of these stereotypes are real. You get these guys in private sector businesses as well, but they get fired without a union. I believe unions are necessary for some industries in the private sector. They are particularly prone to abuse in the public sector, as management has no real accountability in the end.

The Dems need to be careful that they are not too hurt by the growing resentment towards the privileged and comparatively overpaid public sector employees. Many good and talented individuals in that group, but too many of the stereotypes are true.

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