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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Call off the dogs! The Voters' Pamphlet did get here after all.

Turns out, it was stuck between a magazine and an IRA trustee disclosure booklet in a misplaced pile of low-priority mail. Apologies to the Post Office, the county elections folks, the Oregon Secretary of State's office, Ron Wyden, the estate of Moe Biller, and anybody else I maligned when I complained that we hadn't received our hard copy.

Now, where did I leave my fountain pen?

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The Postal Service, another government success story; along with Amtrak, Medi-Care, Welfare, Social Security, War on Drugs, NEA, Fannie Mac, DOE and so many other great accomplishments. Amazing what government and unions can do when they put both brain cells together.

When will we get serious about fixing this?

OMG Jack are you admitting to be human? Your critics are going to be mighty disappointed! A an old curmudgeon that makes mistakes! Who would have thought?

Does this mean you'll share some more of your picks with us soon? Between you and the League of Women Voters, I have all the resources I need to make an informed decision! http://lwvpdx.org/

Really Brad, the LWV? You're being sarcastic , right? I'm waiting for the punch line.

still missing mine, it's not between my Art News and all those annoying Macy ads.

We have a private mil box and so we do not ever! get a voter's pamphlet.
We did not get a census form either.
The IRS always finds us though.

"Low-priority mail"? Ahem ... I recognize a few of those items -- one in particular.


Yes, really McGregor, no sarcasm at all. The LWV hosts candidate fourms to help those of us who like to make informed decisions. I'm supprised that your waiting for the "punch line." Is the "cool-aid" line too long?


I recognize a few of those items

Low-priority -- but immaculately edited!!!

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