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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big Pipe says he's pushing to drug-test police

KOIN-TV reported last night that Portland commissioner Dan Saltzman is calling for drug testing of the city's police in the current negotiations with the police union on a new contract. But it's not clear from this first report exactly how much testing he's asking for. According to KOIN --

In current police union negotiations, Saltzman is pushing to make mandatory drug testing part of the hiring policy. He says the prospect of steroid abuse by officers is part of the reason.

"I think here are a lot of people like myself who are concerned, particularly when there are significant events like officer-involved shootings, and things like that, that we have no policies around drug testing," Saltzman said.

Note: The testing would be "part of the hiring policy." Does this mean just one test, before someone is hired? Or that only new hires would be subjected to drug tests -- the existing force would be exempt from testing? It remains to be seen whether Saltzman's contract demands are meaningful, or just more flimsy window dressing at City Hall. But any drug testing is better than nothing, I suppose.

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"just more flimsy window dressing at City Hall!"

Election coming! Quick, I gotta have one action to point to!

Good thing we have our sharpest, most intelligent and toughest minded council member to handle the negotiations with the police union. We can only thank God that Westerman took himself out of the equation. Maybe the new union boss will feel sympathy for the people of Portland and not stick it to us in exchange for a little drug testing. And maybe it will be sunny every day here for the rest of the year...

What? There's no drug testing for pollice? Drug testing is required for the lowliest laborer on all construction projects. It is standard operating procedure for all mid size to big companies. Anyone packing guns, tasers and the like should be tested and frequently.

And we all pay for staff here to attempt a quick PR fix - and overnight yet - so transparent.

Mandatory drug testing to get hired means very little without a regular random testing policy for employees. One without the other is meaningless.

Every company I've ever worked for has mandatory testing to get hired and a policy to test again if you get hurt. That means so long as you don't get injured on the job you are safe from getting tested. Lets just say that I've been fairly certain that various co-workers have needed testing but not had any proof. Without the threat of randomly being tested they don't worry about using.

The one place I worked (USN) that had regular followups had very few drug users in it. The ones that did used drugs that wouldn't show up in a bottle anyway since at that time hair testing wasn't dont. Not sure if they do now or not.

This means the drug-testing place has cute single girl Saltzman likes?

They should have manditory drug testing for the city council too.

Maybe Dan can get the former girl friend to run the drug testing for the cops...she can make sure the police are 'entertained' while they wait for their turn to pee in the cup.

Does Mary have a position on drug testing?

Manditory? Faboulis!

Did Mary stop reading your blog Jack?

I'm really surprised drug testing isn't currently required.

Saltzman challenger Martha Perez doesn't just want drug testing, but also "mental health/steroid testing" of police. (see LWVPDX.org (PDF))

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