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Monday, May 10, 2010

Beavis and the budget

He can't even pay his own mortgage -- you thought he could run a $3.5 billion-a-year enterprise?

He does have envelopes full of cash for the sexy interns, though.

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This new controversy surrounding Mayor Adams reminds me of a story that aired a couple of years ago on "America's Most Wanted," where they profiled a career con man who was on the run, and interviewed his ex-girl friend, who said, "Con men never admit to lying."

So, as John Walsh, AMW's host, likes to growl, "Let's go after this scumbag."

Well, I did it, out of the high esteem I hold for Jack and his diligent public service, I considered voting for Mary, in his honor. She is an intelligent woman with lots of experience. I like Jasun too, he's a pleasant fellow. It isn't that I dislike her, I have seen her in action. Her beliefs and practices are the same as the rest of her clan. What she says is no different than what they say at an election. Her answers are textbook bureaucracy. But I gave her a serious thought. I think she could be of great value in the right circumstances, but not in the lead. All that talk about the "New Economy", "For The Children" and "Green Industry", it sounds so trendy and sophisticated, but spooks a person when they know what it means and what it has done where it has already run it's course - I have no stomach for the Barcelona Model.

My votes went to Courtney, because he has succeeded in the real world with real answers, real results and a real calculator. He doesn't have to switch sides to get in the game. Sorry if I let you down Mary. I just can't trust a professional politician if I tried. But I like you well enough.

Any vote that forces "Legend" Saltzman into a runoff is a good vote.

Adams left envelopes for Breedlove with Adams' City Hall receptionist and City Hall security guard between November 2008 and January 2009. Adams said he left $500 with the first-floor security guard in November 2008.

My question, would anyone else have been given a pass on leaving envelopes of cash like this? Why was he? Who runs this city and who decides who is given a pass? Who benefits from this "pass"?

"Runoff" -- great pun on "Big Pipe" Saltzman, Jack. And irony lurks just downstream....

Our mayor was so busy building bike lanes that he didn't have time to read the Oregonian story announcing that the Police Bureau was fully staffed.

And now they have sealed the deal on the River Plan. This will wipe another 40,000 jobs off the North Shore map, seal the fate of a faltering Port of Portland resource and make room for more tower monuments and bike paths. Let's get serious, throw them ALL out.

McGregor, I've never used any of those phrases you mentioned- those are Saltzman's- and I should know- I've heard him over 30 times in the last month as he read them from his script.

I may have worked for the city for 20 years, and I have watched many electeds waste money on pet projects. My message, based on watching electeds throw your money away, is that we need to go back to the basics- quit the mission creep like the Children's levy, and take care of what we have already invested in- maintain our streets, sewers, water pipes, community centers and parks, police and fire stations. The only time I talk about kids (beyond education) is that the rebuilding of our infrastructure at 5-6 times the cost is not the legacy I wish to leave our kids.

As for jobs- I'm the one at every forum that has said waiting for new green jobs to drop into our laps is not going to put Portlanders back to work. We need a diverse strategy that identifies job growth by specific sectors and which specific businesses are likely to expand, relocate or open West Coast factories or offices.

Jack is right - any vote other than Saltzman will force a runoff in the general. At that time, I hope you'll listen to what I am saying, ask me questions and consider my strong viability as a leader who has spoken out against the status quo- even though it cost me my job.

By the way, Sam is a month and 1/2 late putting out his proposed budget. Office of Management and Finance is having to work round the clock to get it ready for May 18...and then tax soup. Mistakes will be make - and Sam will blame the budget office. Let's remember how late he is in getting it to them and well after the primary for the public to comment on.

This is really too interesting - He makes $100K+/yr and great benefits and is single.

Where is the money going?

"My votes went to Courtney"

Who the heck is he?

I thought Sam agreed to take a 'hands off' approach with the PPB after they graciously white-washed his little drunken demolition derby out on Jantzen Beach? Now he is skewering their budget and sh**-talking Rosie?

Mary, If you expect to gain any traction in the race you'd better get a lot more vocal and a lot more visible. What about a TV spot?

Yes, Mary. Do a commercial, but if it is anything like Rex Burkholder's "match made in heaven" commercial where everyone is dancing and high-fiving like drunk idiots...you'll lose my vote. Okay?

Burkholder's commercial is high comedy if you ask me.

I am getting earned TV media - the best kind, because of my 30+ years working in and with the media in this state. TV ads would be great- expensive - and the reach is not as good as it used to be...but that takes $$$.

Remember Dan is operating with developer $. Good citizens like yourself can help me out by donating to my campaign : www.maryforpdx.com - with your debit or credit card.

If I don't all-out win the primary, I will cause a runoff. And wait till you see what my cost per vote will be compared to Dan's. That's cost-efficiency that I will bring to the city!

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