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Monday, May 31, 2010

All better now

The vent cover has been restored to its proper place on the bottom of the Weber grill kettle. The Mrs. discovered that the rotted-out post that previously held the cover in place could be knocked out with a hammer and a nail after some pushing and prodding. That left the perfect hole for a nut and bolt out of the storeroom in the basement; the nut now loosely holds the cover in place:

Seems good for another summer at least -- although we may be performing a similar operation on the other two vents before long.

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Be sure that bolt is NOT cadmium plated. Most newer stuff is zinc.


After 15 years, finally switched from charcoal to propane. Put the old Weber kettle on the parking strip with a "free" sign attached - it was gone in less than an hour. Gas is a lot more convenient, but there's something primal about charcoal that I kinda miss.

By the way Jack - Home Depot and many of the better handware stores now sell a large number of replacement parts for Weber grills.

Hey great, but what about the charcoal chimney. Were repairs made or was it replaced?

The chimney got a lawyer fix.

Sam or Randy knows a consultant who could study that (for $100K) and refer you to someone who could get it looking like new (for $1.3M)

Nice work! My Weber is of similar vintage and condition. For flavor and primal satisfaction, nothing beats it. I highly recommend using real hardwood charcoal in lieu of petroleum-based briquets. Much better flavor and it burns hotter too. Beaumont Hardware sells the real stuff. Happy BBQing!



I've got a TH400 automatic transmission that needs rebuilding - I'll drop it by tomorrow.

Who'd a thunk it?

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