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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You left the water runnin' now

Here's a rough one for rock fans of a certain age -- Alex Chilton has died.

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I had all of Big Star's albums and Chris Bell's solo records. The music is in my soul.

Most people would say, "Who's Alex Chilton?", but if you told them he co-wrote the theme song from "That 70's Show", many of them would say, "Oh, yeah." (That song was on the album "#1 Record" released in 1972, but sadly a lesser band's version was recorded for the TV show.)

Anyways, there is a gold mine of music by the guy and his bandmates that most people will miss.

"The Letter" made it to Arabia, and made quite an impression, but it was "Soul Deep" and "Cry Like a Baby" that really laid a trail that even the Boss would venture down. "Cry" is a little stuck in the 60s with the sitar sound, but "Soul Deep" is timeless. Am I losing it or do these songs seriously rock?

What knocks me out about "Soul Deep" is the way the verses only have 3 lines rather than the normal 4 so the chorus hits before you expect it. It's like the singer is saying, "I can't wait for the normal song structure to say this - I've got to tell my baby this RIGHT NOW!" Tremendously cool and one of the most important parts of 60s music: You go along under control for a while but then the joy of the moment overtakes you and you can't help it - you rock out. The Box Tops may have been a minor band, but they sure made their point.

another tender void....

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