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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And now, a message from Ron Wyden

"I'm way ahead. No one can beat me. Please don't make this a race where I actually have to spend the summer in Oregon. Pretty please! I've got the house in the Hamptons booked through Labor Day. If you need to talk to somebody in Oregon, please call Josh Kardon or Kari Chisholm. Thank you, and God bless America."

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I'd love to see how they select the sample son each poll nad how they ask the questions.

Just vote for Huffman and Wyden gets to retire.

I'm with Ben. Let's just hire Huffman and Wyden can spend as much time with his twins frolicking in the waves in the Hamptons. Wyden needs a break.

Oh, and who ever releases their internal polling unless they get the result they want. I'd love to see the questions they were asking. Let's think here... Whom do I trust more... Rasmussen, who's right more often than most pollsters, or Grove, who is a hired gun?
Just axin...

Can anyone remember anything this guy with a bad combover has actually done for Oregon in the past four years?
But don't worry about Wyden - he's got a (D) after his name on the ballot, so the sheeple in the Portland Metro area will vote for him in droves - even if they can't remember anything he's actually done except collect a big fat salary.

"Whom do I trust more?" Good question, but......not enough choices.

Any serious challenge to his seat has to come from inside the Democratic party. Sadly, none of the likely prospects seem to have the stomach for rocking his yacht.

Ask Tim Hibbits what he thinks of Lisa Grove's polling abilities.

Way too much hair color. He's a fake.

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