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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Rural Bus Route

[C]onsidering the fact that after dinner I felt like a dreary-eyed, pregnant Volkswagen, I think I would have had a hard time walking out to my car, let alone run 3 miles... I wasn't comfortable simply leaving my tender giblets to chance with a pair of cheap Walmart skivvies. I needed the added protection and sucktightedness that only a good jock strap will afford.
The whole episode is recounted here.

Comments (2)

The descriptive is so visceral that I couldn't complete the read. It hurt so much that I had to stop. Ouch. Fair Warning Yee of tender vittles.

Jack, without your help, so many people would not have read about my junk this holiday season.

Sincerely...thanks for the link. I appreciate it.


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