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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday at the pound

The players in our charity pro football underdog pool have spoken for another week, and here are their selections:

10.5 MIAMI at New England - Annie
10 DETROIT at Seattle - Robert, Gary, Sidney, Michael W., Andy
9 HOUSTON at Indianapolis - Flynn, Mark, Kevin, Rick, genop's mom, Gordon
5.5 TENNESSEE at San Francisco - Hank, Dan, Bad Brad, genop, Doug
3 CINCINNATI vs. Baltimore - Michael K.
3 DENVER vs. Pittsburgh - George, jmh

Remember, a player's team has to win outright in order for the player to win the points listed. This week's unwanted 'dogs were:

14 CAROLINA at New Orleans
10.5 TAMPA BAY vs. Green Bay
10 WASHINGTON at Atlanta
6.5 KANSAS CITY at Jacksonville
3.5 SAN DIEGO at NY Giants
3 ARIZONA at Chicago
3 DALLAS at Philadelphia

The standings so far:

Gary - 10.5
Michael W. - 10
Dan - 9.5
Doug - 9.5
genop's mom - 9.5
Gordon - 9.5
jmh - 9.5
Rick - 9.5
George - 7.5
Bad Brad - 3.5
Hank - 3.5
Everybody else - 0

And with that, I believe it's up to the big daddies of the NFL to take it to the stage. Enjoy the games, everybody.

Comments (6)

The underdog pool is fun and intellectually interesting, but it makes for a schizophrenic day. (1) I root for my underdog. (2) I root *against* everyone else's underdog (and it is hard to have too much fun doing that). (3) And, I root for and against various individual players in my separate fantasy football league. These three things don't always fit too well together!

Saturday is much more straightforward.

Doug hit the nail on the head. This is why I don't do fantasy leagues. The other problem is that I'll never pick the Bears to win or lose, even though I saw this loss coming. Just can't pick for or against my emotional investments.

Two unwanted dogs are winners so far, while Houston came close, 6 of us were ultimately let down.

San Diego makes three unwanted dogs giving points.

Six 'dogs do tricks, but only two of them (Tennessee and Cincinnati) please our players. How 'bout that battle of the Bays?

We have new leaders in the standings. But there is still a game to play, tomorrow night -- George and jmh rooting for Denver. A complete standings update shortly thereafter.

Yowch -- Well, I stink at this. How're you doing, Jack? And what're the results looking like in your league (leader's points, etc.)?

It's a hard game. I'm having a horrible time this year. I have just 1 winner in 9 weeks. One guy has picked 7 of 9 and just scored 10.5 points with Tampa Bay. There'll be no money for me over there -- and probably not even any respect.

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