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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smarter than Baltimore or Austin

Portland has come in at no. 9 on a list of America's smartest cities.

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We're #9? My God, that's in the top 5.

Number 1? Technocrats? Product Designers? Environmental Scientists? Web Workers? Social Media Entrepreneurs?

Over the years the many independent bookstores that had long inhabited this town have disappeared. Institutions of higher learning have manged to extract the "higher" out of the phrase. Some years back the Portland Library didn't have a single copy of Jude the Obscure, but it did have several copies of Madonna's sex book (behind the counter).

I realize the Madonna book was the smart play. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that Portland is quicker to spot the next smart move, the next pop trend, the next buzz. It's a hipster magnet, the very smartest thing to be.

Hey Jack, where's the Oden-o-Meter?
"He played well" should be up there.

If he makes it through a couple of real games without injury, I guess it will be time to put it back up there.

Over the years the many independent bookstores that had long inhabited this town have disappeared

I have an entire wall full of books...literally...but the vast majority of them were acquired before the internet exploded into mainstream culture.

In another generation or two, I seriously doubt that anyone will read books made out of paper at all.

Agreed. I am in the process of recycling a wall of books in my office. Most of the contents can now be obtained quite handily, and in a fairly readable format, on line.

Just behind Washington D.C. Yikes.

The problem with smart people is the seldom posses common sense. Hence Portland's problems.

Speaking of Baltimore -- which is just above DC, on the map -- police incidents happen there also:

At least they have had the decency to drop the charges.

And speaking still of Baltimore, that Queen City of the
Pataps(i)co Drainage Basin has a body and they are proud of it:

Too bad the city wasn't kinder to him when he struggled to survive
there (with his 14yo cousin?).

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