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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our charity underdog pool: Ten players and counting

I'm excited to report that we have 10 players signed up to play in our pro football underdog pool. All proceeds go to charity, and so that's $200 so far. The winner in the pool, which will run through the playoffs, will get to designate the charity to which the lion's share of the pot goes -- and if we get some more action, we may let the second and third place players play charity Santa with a little of the pot, just to keep things interesting.

There is plenty of room for more players. The object of the game, the way to play, and details about entering are here. Think about giving it a shot for $20. You'll help a good cause (or causes), and it will give you a new way to watch the big daddies of the NFL on Sunday. Think bragging rights.

We start officially with the games of the weekend of the 25th, but for a good warmup, check out this week's slate of games, here.

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Can we begin the friendly-smack-talking now? I'll start:

I am going to dominate this thing. It's in the Bible. Look it up.

Kevin, you better wash those hands that type that nonsense before you touch a Bible.

The only verse that is going to apply for you is Lamentations 3:5.

That's what I'm talking about, though I expected something less significant writing from you ... for SOME reason.

See, you couldn't predict the correct time of sunrise within plus or minus 12 hours...

That's because where I live, it's gone 6 months out of the year and then it's just behind clouds for the other 6.

I just hope your picking game is better than your talking smack game.

I just figured with a pseudonym like George Seldes, your pre-smack talk investigation would have been a little more in-depth ... a little less cable news.

But I now realize the anonymuncule part is to complete the acronym: GAS. Hot air, I get it. Hopefully, you'll keep afloat longer than Balloon Boy's family's hopes of landing a reality TV show.

BTW, it's a pain to do so much scrolling. I'll be moving my smack talk to the newest threads.

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