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Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaving room for the Holy Ghost

Our population control program for the guppies continues. This past weekend we moved three fish from the female tank to the male tank. A month ago, we could have sworn that these fry were female, but as they grew it became apparent that they were boys -- at least, if our current visual assessment is accurate. We've been wrong about this before.

We're told that guppies can change from one sex to another if necessary to reproduce in a given group. Maybe that's what happened with these fellas. In any event, we'll be chaperoning them for a while.

Comments (2)

Your guppies are harder to parent than a room full of horny teenagers.

Wasnt that situation the theme for a 1980's comedy series, Bosom Buddies..you might have some real talent in that tank... maybe they need an agent?

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