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Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Kill, Onions, kill!"

How many times did we sit in front of our little black-and-white TV set, tuned to Channel 5 from New York, and laugh and laugh at this guy until we nearly wet our pants? More than we can count now. He had so many classic routines. Wicked comic sensibility. A seemingly endless stream of over-the-top characters, almost all of whom were played by the same two guys -- the star and this man. And never, ever were they more than a half step on this side of complete bedlam.

At our house, there were dozens of his lines that we could all rattle off at each other by heart. And yes, I can still dance "the mouse." If your folks get bugged, do it in the hall.

It turns out, I'm scheduled to do a little comedy routine tomorrow night at a charity benefit. I know who I'll be praying to for inspiration -- wherever he is.

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The Soupy Sales show was required viewing when I was in college. His off the wall comments, more than once got him suspended but added to his audience. Once he came up with "Marlin Monroe swallowed a pin when she was 16, but didn't feel the prick until she was 18." That one got him a two week vacation. Maybe someone will make available DVDs of his shows, I'd buy everyone of them.

I take my baby to the baseball game.
I kiss her on the stirikes and she kisses me on the balls.
That one that took him off the air for a while too.
Loved him!

Yeah, that's great stuff. Nice tribute, Jack. Soupy'd love it. Maybe you ought to auction off here for someone to give you a cream pie in the face at the end of your bit and add that to the charity take. Bring down the house!


And thanks, also, to Soupy for his sons Hunt & Tony Sales and their contributions to rock 'n' roll, esp. with Todd Rundgren, Iggy Pop & David Bowie.

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life - "The Passenger"

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