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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farmer Don and the bureaucrats

Don Kruger's farm operation on Sauvie Island -- and some of the events he holds on his property to make farming feasible -- have been getting a bit of a hassle from Multnomah County. It's good that the county is keeping an eye on the island, but some of its concerns seem more than a bit overwrought.

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Just finished a great book by Joel Salatin, the farmer profiled so enthusiastically by Michael Pollin in "The Omnivore's Dilemma." Salitin's book, "Everything I Want to Do is Illegal" is a scaled up version of an essay by that title that went viral before "going viral" was a term.

He shows how ag and zoning rules are all being written for the benefit of Big Ag and middlemen and how mindless application of those rules is destroying the small farmers that the greenies and bureaucrats claim to care about. It's a great read, as Salatin is a VERY bright guy and an equal-opportunity offender, challenging sacred cows of right and left on every page.

I just hope they can change our health care.

my bet would be the county's concerns are really the neighbors concerns.

We shopped at Don's place for a few years until we moved. He does a great job and the city slickers, especially those in government, need the exposure to the live that he and others on the island provide. I wish him, his family and workers the best.

I think the rules this guy is being subjected to are ridiculous.

But don't throw around the "big ag" label without being careful. There are plenty of family farms in Oregon and elsewhere that are 1,000 plus acres that are NOT being farmed by corporations; just families trying to stay on the land and do what their ancestors did -- make a decent living. And they, too, are being hit by ridiculous laws that make it tough on them to stay in business.

And, Jimbo, I think you're probably right. But it's kind of like people who move under the airport flight pattern and then get ticked off that the airport is there.

Sauvie Island has been full of what I call "tourist" farms for generations. You don't move there for peace and quiet. And if you do, you need a better Realtor.

If the county/ city or whoever is strong arming Don to cancel weddings, it will be a huge blow to couples on a budget. We have so many couples who try to schedule their dates out there to save money and have a lovely wedding. This is just plain STUPID. The word I have is some guy that owns a Marina wants weddings and was not given a permit, so he screamed & yelled...EVEN THOUGH THE FOKKS THAT LIVE AT THE MARINA WANTED NO PART IN HIS IDEA.....This axed Don for his events. I will be happy to testify for Don if it comes to it. (hey..but no problem with nude parades in downtown stumptown!) They will always get their permits.

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