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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Portland seeking new investigator in Chasse case

Portland City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade has just posted a request for outside firms to bid on the contract to take yet another look at the police bureau's conduct in the infamous James Chasse killing. The document calls for a preliminary report in April, and a final report in June. By then, of course, a jury may have issued its own findings -- and the city will likely be paying many millions to Chasse's family.

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Why don't we just set up a permanent city department that will conduct one study on the Chasse Murder after another, back-to-back forever?

I'm surprised that they didn't find a way to toss it over to Kroger, after he made charges against Sam & Beaulita disappear.

"I'm reserving judgment until after the 99th investigation." Way to own up to the truth, Portland.

Millions of dollars? That would probably be a just result, but Portland juries don't have a history of liberality or generosity in police misconduct cases. James Chasse was poor and homeless. A huge verdict seems unlikely to me.

Chasse was neither poor nor homeless. His family has money, and the facts against the police are horrific. The county's already settled for big dollars, and its involvement was marginal.

There are several bad actors here.

1. The three officers, Burton, Humphreys and Nice.

2. The four attending EMTs from American Medical Rescue, Tamara Hergert, Kevin Stucker, James Hunter, Lori Andrews. They don't get mentioned often enough.

3. The firemen who stood by and failed to intervene, Bill Koppy, Brian Malloy, Donal Reeb, Gary Szalay, Robert Hawks.

4. The jail deputies who laughed along with Burton and Nice. Their names are Brian Branch, Judith May, Martin McElhaney, P Hubert.

5. The two nurses who could have provided first aid, or could have directed Burton and Humphreys to the NEAREST hospital and not the FARTHEST.

But deserving of the most razzing are the attorneys and politicians who have advised the city, AMR, and the county to stonewall, to deny, to deny, to drag their feet, to rationalize.

That list is still growing.

whoever gets this job had better watch their
backsides as who knows what Robert King and
that other nutjob that took his place will
do to anyone to keep the lid tightly cover-
ing this smelly mess...my God, these ******s
involved (3 at least, if not many more) are
wanting a lucrative RETIREMENT at our ex-
pense and they'll be damned if little thing
like the TRUTH will stand in their way of
getting what they feel ENTITLED towards!
NOW folks, do you get it.....?????

They should hire Phil Stanford. He's a PI now.

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