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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A change you won't believe

This one's truly rich: If you Episcopalians are disgusted with what's going on within the hierarchy of your church, the Pope himself invites you to come on over to the Catholics, where the leadership really has its act together. And making the announcement to the world? I am not making this up -- it's a bishop who presided over some of the sex abuse scandal shenanigans here in Portland.

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On the other hand, there is still real beauty in the world and honest talents:


Watch this twice and you'll feel better.

This Pope knows a hawk from a handsaw. He's doing the right thing and good work.

Levada wasn't here long enough to have much to do with Oregon predatory priests. Raiding the Anglicans seems fair enough == many CofE churches were stolen from the RCs by Henry 8.
It is fun to watch the splintering == gay priests OK, not women. Gays and women OK, etc.

Thank you, George! Made my night and brought the smile you promised. I'll pass it on.

Levada wasn't here long enough to have much to do with Oregon predatory priests.

He certainly didn't have much to do with owning up to the abuse and compensating the victims.



Leveda was Portland archbishop over nine years (July, 1986 to August, 1995). His replacement, Francis George, served less than a year before becoming Chicago's archbishop.

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