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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Road retch

Tough times on the Cycle Oregon bike tour, which ended yesterday. It seems that a nasty stomach ailment was circulating around the group. Dozens of bikers caught it -- one estimate used the number 200, out of around 2,000 cyclists on the ride. A 59-year-old man from Eugene died in his sleep after complaining that he wasn't feeling well -- no word yet whether the gastro- ailment had anything to do with it.

A bug like this worked its way through our house earlier this summer, and it was quite unpleasant. Can't imagine how bad it must have felt if you had it on a trip on which you were trying to push it all day on a bicycle and sleep in a crowded tent camp at night. Sympathies go out to everybody who came down with it. And even more so, of course, to the loved ones of the rider who died, from whatever.

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The stomach flu is bad enough, but this year there were also at least two bad accidents. Olivia Clark, Tri-Met's government affairs head, crashed going down a 14% grade and ended up with very severe skin and muscle damage, a collapsed lung and a concussion and another woman from Boise had to be Life Flighted after an crash with other cyclists. Cycle Oregon is a great event and ride, but the number of crashes and health issues this year gives one pause.

Ouch. These things happen, but it's a drag when they rain down.

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