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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming soon

This has got it all. Portland taxpayers, keep your wallets out.

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Maybe they'll put them in the county jail, bolted to treadmills -- credit for time served and kilowatts produced.

The next retro rage in the post-foreclosure era: 21st Century workhouses. Go by E-bike! You'll have to.

Jack, I was really hoping you wouldn't put this where Randy can see it. Really.

Since other Euro cities are looking at this, we will, of course, have to have it first. Early adopters are SOOOO cool. Any international city worth its sel de mer has to take on such innovative and forward-thinking systems, especially if they will never provide a return on investment. GBSC!

"Maybe they'll put them in the county jail, bolted to treadmills -- credit for time served and kilowatts produced."

Wow. You know, that's really not a bad idea!

Our mayor is already on this:

@MayorSamAdams: Thanks Tim DuRoche for sharing this with me: Bike sharing that creates energy – and pays you to ride? | csmonitor.com - http://shar.es/J8YC

THese things are how Sammy justifies all his trips to Europe. Of course, we'll have them.

Now if we can just figure out a way to turn that generated power into unicorn hair and dragon dander, then it's a shoo-in. Hell, it might even be a bigger tourist attraction than the OHSU aerial tram. (Having finally seen the latter boondoggle, I'm serious. Don't bother suing the geniuses who came up with this. Go directly to tarring and feathering.)

Here is a bicycle monorail:


I'm curious to know how many miles of bike riing it will take to create enough electricity to power.......anything. I would imagine that there are enough bicycle riders in China to make this viable, but even in bike-happy Portland, it doesn't seem to be a realistic option (which I know means absolutely nothing around here).

Maybe the cons should have to use their treadmills to power their TV's.

It would be good to have a basic understanding of physics prior to making such proposals.

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