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Thursday, June 4, 2009

You know it's bad

Farewell to McCormick & Schmick in downtown Portland. Many a memory there.

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Pretty funny story there in the biz journal. It sites construction as a hinderence tyo business but fails to mention a big problem, MAX.
Yet that story then mentions the now available space as being on the MAX line as if it's an advantage?

Here's the truth.

"The laying of MAX tracks across the restaurant's front stoop was a challenge for cars and pedestrains, affecting it and other businesses, many of which began migrating to Northwest Portland and the Pearl Distrcit. A lot of activity has migrated away from the area"


Hey what a great time for the new MAX line and Transit mall to open!
And let's hurry and expand MAX!

A window seat at McCormick and Schmick’s provided a view of the passing scene had become a great place to inventory the various tattoos women put on their biceps.

I'd like to apologize once more for the time my band was thrown out of there back in the day. We were not ready for the fine dining experience.

Didn't the MAX go in there more than twenty years ago? Give me a break...

There is more to this story. Apparently the M&S corporation sought some relief with their lease also. Must have been a pissing contest between rich guys Schmick and Melvin Mark.

Man, it took 20 years, but MAX finally killed M&S. It really was a long term operation, one that took much planning and public money to do. But at least those damn liberals finally knocked out one of many M&S restaurants. They are republicans, you know!

M & S was one of the first places my wife and I went for a date. Lots of great dinners there over the years; as well as a 10th Anniversary dinner for friends and employees of my business. Now just one more empty storefront among a growing number of them in downtown Portland. Anybody want to make a guess when Macy's pulls out of downtown?

Condos anyone?

It's not just the MAX line- it's downtown Portland with all it's problems.

Lots of businesses leave downtown. The rents are outrageous, parking is non-existent, and no one wants to trip over an overly aggressive spanger who smells like urine just to enjoy a meal.

There is a reason shopping malls killed downtowns 25 years ago; this has nothing to do with the economy.

The night of my own personal all-time drunk started in the bar at M&S (and ended...hmm, hope I remember that part some time). Come to think of it, I got dumped there once too (different night). I'm beginning to be glad MAX's 23 year "drive it out of business" plan finally bore fruit. Seriously, it was a great place, and it's a shame it's gone.

That explains the sh!te service and poor food the last two visits.

Maybe Ol' Bill McCormick can at last kick back and share cognac and a victory cigar in the harvest of what his contribution$ cultivated all these years furthering LIARS Larson, and that screed -- "demoralize social community decency."

Gosh, you're right(ist), Bill, everything is clearer after you have the town torn down.

Ol' Alex Laws cardealer and Len Schumacher furrier and Dave Rogoway jeweler and Gerry Frank mercantilist ... and ... and ... more LIARS sponsors, they are all right(ist), too: it is much easier to see through a landscape desolated -- without all that proletariat underbrush obscuring the view of figureheads pre-eminent. Can Standard TV & Appliance, A-Boy Plumbing, or Marquis Spa Tubs be far behind into bankruptcy?

And whatever happened to Ol' Fred Stickel's Rose Festival Medallion treasure hunt ...?

Oh I don't know.... Mrs. Fonzarelli and I always enjoyed playing dodge the spangers and their pitbulls game in downtown....

More spittle flying over the evil radio talker who persecutes poor tensk - it's getting very old.

The food at M&S restaurants is very good, but I never thought it was as good as their prices would have you believe. If I'm going to spend that kind of money, there's lots of other places I'd rather go.

You can't blame this one on MAX... as recently as 3-5 years ago, that place was packed for the lunch AND dinner rush. Then people's tastes began to change, more food-cart and restaurant options appeared, and people realized that friggin' rice pilaf wasn't going to cut it as a side dish anymore. The menu became static, and the quality wasn't there anymore. Plus, it's hard to cater to retirees' tastes at a downtown location. Surprise!

It's sad they couldn't keep up because many folks have memories at that location. My friends and I took our senior prom dates there... we were in over our heads when the check came, but a nice couple at the next table saved our bacon and slipped us $50. I'll never forget that gesture...

I love Bill McCormick and Doug Schmick and am so happy that a few years ago they rescued the old Spenger's fish house in Berkeley. We have been going there since Cal's "dirty speech days." I'll miss the occasional visit to the Portland eatery, but I'll substitute with an extra visit to Huber's. And I won't go by streetcar!

"There is a reason shopping malls killed downtowns 25 years ago; this has nothing to do with the economy."

Oh yeah, the malls are holding up strong...


My wife and I have eaten dinner at M&S several times over the last few months and EVERY TIME the place has been packed.

And free parking has always been available.

And their oysters were still the freshest. (But McCormick's politics are another matter.)

This ISN'T a case of an unpopular restaurant --or once popular-- restaurant going under. The chain still has TWO restaurants downtown, and the one at Riverplace (not to mention Beaverton). To draw too many conclusions about downtown "failing" is a little absurd.

There is unquestionably no restaurant in town whose doors I've worked through more...and this is sad that they're closing. But the Canlis I once worked for on top of the Hilton was closed, too, at the height of its popularity. (Re-branded, actually, which led to its death spiral.)

It's a tough business to be in.

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