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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taibbi on Paulson genetics

What’s next? Public funding for a store selling French ribbed turtlenecks? Subsidy for a Belgian man-purse factory?
Matt, this is Portland. Please, please, please! Don't even say stuff like that.

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It's environmental, not genetic: they're both Harvard B-School grads. Like our first and former MBA president.

At least Bush was also a frat president.

Don't give the mayor any ideas about subsidizing a murse factory.

I guess he hasn't heard about the Klingon interpreters that MultCo advertised for in the past.

There is nothing they won't waste tax dollars on, not if they can spin it with inclusive, organic, or "green" hyperbole.

Taibbi for Mayor....

I'd pay to seem debate the O sportswriter who wrote that suck up homage to little lord Paulson.


see him debate sorry

Speaking of Bush/Paulson III similarities, remember the TX Rangers "ownership":

Could Paulson III have his eye on Salem for his second act?

Paulson has his eye on the wrong statehouse. He'd never get elected to office in Oregon. He should move to Arizona.

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